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Zoella Info and Her Fashion April 24, 2016


ZOELLA is a rising superstar in the fashion industry of UK and also one of the beautiful girls. She is getting popular day by day and becoming a sensation across the globe, and most of the people want to know about her and her latest fashion trends. In this article, we will take a look at the ZOELLA’s personal life as well as her latest fashion trends.


Zoe Elizabeth SUGG majorly known as ZOELLA is a fashion blogger and you tuber and author born 28 March 1990. She is a beautiful lady and a great writer and becoming extremely famous on the internet.

Her Achievements and Awards:

ZOELLA is quite a well-known personality on the internet because of some of his amazing content like novels and other content and her videos on youtube. In her very short but successful career, she has already earned a fair amount of respect globally and also many achievements. She is a true champion as her debut novel “girl online” become a viral sensation in just some days and just after its first week of publishing, this novel broke the records for the highest first-week sale for any debutant novelist. Along with this achievement, she has also won large numbers of awards as well like she won the 2011 international blog awards in the category of “best-established beauty blog” and also won the “best beauty VLOGGER award” in 2011. And then she went on to win the “best British VLOGGER award” in 2013 as well as 2014.  SUGG name is also listed in the telegraph’s top 40 best beauty bloggers and “queen of the haul” by the British vague in 2014. SUGG’s most favorite channel “ZOELLA” was the fourth most popular channel in the UK in 2014. Along with her writing and blogging skills, she is also gorgeous and charming, and she was declared the most inspirational personality of the decade in technology.


At first, SUGG was working as an apprentice in the interior design company where she start her first blog known as “ZOELLA” in February 2009, and it become extremely popular and by the end of 2015, her blog had received over 540 million visits.  And then she shifted his channel to youtube and with that she earned an enormous amount of respect in the fashion industry.

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